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JOLO Wine Club





Per Quarter + Shipping


Receive three fabulous, hand crafted wines selected by the JOLO winemaker and shipped or picked up 4 times per year. 1 year membership billed $75.00 per shipment plus tax & shipping x 4 per year.

Exclusive releases and offers, reserved for JOLO Club member only

  • JOLO Pick Up Party- Free wine and food when you pick up your quarterly shipment. Dates TBD. 
  • Invitation to the annual “JOLOTAGE” Tour de Vin dinner at
    JOLO, wine pairings and a private tour of the winery additional costs apply.
  • First dibs on JOLO “Kissed” Wine Barrel with up to 65% discounts to what  the public pays.
  • Initial and private access to new releases and sold out releases.
  • Barrel or vat tastings during pick up parties.
  • 25% discount on all future bottle orders.

JOLO Cuvee Club


Per Quarter + Shipping



Exclusive releases and offers, reserved for JOLO Cuvee Club member only

  • Free Guest pass for one member’s guest at the JOLO Pick Up Parties. 
  • Includes all of the Club JOLO membership offers, and 1 year membership billed 125.00 per shipment plus tax & shipping x 4 per year.
  • 1 Complimentary tasting for the member and up to 3 guests inside the barrel room once per year hosted by a wine ambassador.
  • $99.00 per night Honeymoon Chateau rental (Retail rate is $225/night. Based upon availability).
  • 1 Complimentary glass of wine per 7 purchased.
  • Special private blended bottle just for Cuvee club
    members annually.

JOLO Premier Club


Per Quarter + Shipping



Includes all of current Club JOLO and Cuvée Club membership offerings plus...

  • 6 bottles per shipment (instead of 3). 1 of 6 bottles from each shipment will be a sold out/ library wine signed by the winemaker.
  • Quarterly Pick Up Parties - Up to four people at no charge.
  • Access to reserved parking closest to the JOLO Tasting Lodge (three spots are available every day).
  • Invitation to our annual Private Picnic in the Vineyards event with winemaker JW Ray and other premier members.
  • $25.00 per night Honeymoon Chateau rental (Retail rate is $225/night. Based upon availability).
  • Private premier seating area in front of gazebo. Space will include fans and heaters as needed for seasonal comfort.
  • Cost: $250/quarter plus tax and shipping. 4x per year, 12-month membership minimum

JOLO Reserve Club


per year



Exclusive releases and offers, reserved for JOLO Reserve Club member only

  • Includes all of the Club JOLO, JOLO Cuvee Club, JOLO Premier Club membership offers.
  • Blend your own barrel of wine!
  • 200 bottles of wine from the blend that you put together.
  • Invite for you and up to 3 guests to a JOLO harvest
    & crush for each year you are a member.
  • 1 Day of blending trial of finished wines from the
    JOLO barrels to select your blend or single varietal.
  • Custom labeling — Up to 3 label edits before printing.
  • An invite for you and up to 3 guests to filter, bottle, cork and label your own wine.
  • Bottles, corks, and foils supplied by JOLO — Labels are additional cost.

JOLO Wine Club FAQs

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