We feel this JOLOTAGE will be our most highly acclaimed JOLOTAGE.

2016’s growing season was very hot and dry in Yadkin Valley.  This concentrated the dark fruit flavors in this fine wine.  JOLOTAGE is a full-bodied, supple and elegant wine boasting alluring aromas of blackberry, cherry, violets, and minerality, with an explosion of dark fruits on the palate.  The finish lingers with velvety tannins.  This wine can be paired with meats, game, hearty stews, or just to be enjoyed on its own.  This wine properly cellared, will age gracefully for a decade or more.

Based on the blending trial held July 15th 2017, we all decided this blend of primarily Merlot and Petit Verdot, with a backdrop of Montelpulciano and Cabernet Franc was deserving of the JOLOTAGE label.

Varietal:  Red Blend

Harvested:  September & October 2016

Hand Bottled:  July 15, 2017

Released On: July 30, 2017

Number of Bottles Produced: 7,200

Cooperage:  French & American Oak





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2016 Crimson Creek

Our Next Award Winning Yadkin Valley Chambourcin

If you like Pinot Noir you should really like this Crimson Creek. Our Yadkin Valley Chambourcin is from a single a lot of vines planted by friends and family with love. Chambourcin is a French American hybrid and is also grown in the Loire Valley of France. This dry red wine with handcrafted in the French tradition. This exceptional wine was made in limited quantities in the care of passion taken in winemaking at JOLO Winery & Vineyards.

This rich and luxurious light to medium bodied wine is layered in enticing aromas of cherry, raspberry, earth, mocha and crushed herbs. This elegant wine has a supple and velvety finish with balanced tannins, fruit and acid, pairing wonderfully with salmon, lamb, rabbit and pork or to be enjoyed on its own. This wine will continue to age gracefully for a decade or more. Enjoy!

2015 Vintage Awards
Gold Medal Winner - 2017 International Winemaker Challenge
Gold Medal Winner - 91 Points - 2016 Sommelier Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition
Gold Medal Winner - 2016 NC Wine Competition

Varietal: Chambourcin

Harvested: September 2016

Hand Bottled: February 17 and March 4, 2017

Number of Bottles Produced: 5,354

Cooperage: French and American Oak


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/ Crimson Creek 2016
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2016 Pilot Fog

Soon to be JOLO's next cult classic wine.  This wine is currently on allocation to JOLO Wine Club Members only and sold only to members and sold only in our Tasting Lodge. JOLO Wine Club Members are allowed to purchase 1 bottle per visit to JOLO.


The 2016 Pilot Fog, our Cynthiana wine offering, is from our third harvest and in many ways we feel it is a notch above the fantastic 2015, which sold out quickly and was awarded many medals (including a "Best of Show" accolade). This wine will be available for sale in very limited quantities so buy a bottle before it sells out!


This rich and full-bodied Cynthiana is layered in enticing aromas of blueberry and dark cherry, cola, mocha and spices. The elegant wine has a supple and velvety mouth-feel with a finish that demonstrates balanced tannins, acidity and should be paired with steaks, braised meat, barbeques, hearty stews or to be enjoyed on its own. This wine will age gracefully for a decade or more. Enjoy!  

Harvested: September 18, 2016

Cooperage 100% New American Oak Barrels

Bottled: April 8th 2017

Released: April 8th 2017

Number of Bottles:2,599

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2016 Golden Hallows

Our premiere Vidal Blanc and Traminette blend white wine offering a harmonious balance of fruit and acidity.

We are currently sold out of the 2016 Golden Hallows. The new 2017 will be available for purchase very soon!

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Sold out! 2017 to be released soon!
2016 Pink

Our crisp and refreshing Rose' wine perfect for porch sipping or paired with your favorite dish.

This crisp & refreshing Rose' wine is Chambourcin-based and layered with enticing aromas of watermelon, bright cherry and raspberry. Strawberry, raspberry and citrus tantalize the palate ending with a lip smacking finish. This is a very enjoyable wine alone and also pairs well with goat cheese, salads with vinaigrettes, shellfish, roasted vegetables, fruit salads or a bad day. This wine should be consumed within the next four to five years to savor the balance of fruit and acidity. Enjoy!

Varietal: Chambourcin

Harvested: 2016

Hand Bottled: February 2017

Released On: February 12, 2017

Cooperage: Stainless Steel

*** Limit 6 bottles per person or 12 bottles per JOLO Wine Club Member

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/ PINK 2016
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2016 Sangria

Our proprietary blend of JOLO barrel aged wine, citrus and fruit juice is summer in a bottle!

After traveling to Spain and coming across the best Sangria of our lives we secured the recipe after ample coaxing.  This is a proprietary blend of JOLO barrel aged wine, citrus and fruit juices.  Our Tasting Lodge guests have been pleading with us to bottle it since we made our first glass.  Here it is!  It is rich and complex and on the upper end of Sangrias bursting with cherry, plum, citrus and mocha enhanced by a slight fizz.  Enjoy on the beach or with your favorite summer food.

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/ SANGRIA 2016
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2016 Twinkles

This lightly sparkling wine has a very elegant fizz or what we call a "twinkle" of effervescence.

This crisp and clean, well balanced and refreshing wine is layered with vibrant aromas of raspberries, strawberries, and watermelon. On the finish, hints of red fruit dance on the palate ending with a twinkle of citrus and minerals. This is very enjoyable sparkling wine alone but also pairs well with shellfish, caviar, seafood, chicken, roasted pork, pate and eggs. This sparkling wine should be consumed within the next 4 to 5 years to savor the balance of fruit and acidity. Enjoy!

Varietals: Chambourcin

Harvested: September 1, 2016

Hand Bottled: January 20, 2017

Number of Bottles Produced: 1,560

Released On: August 8, 2016

Cooperage: Stainless Steel

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2015 Happy Endings

A Late Harvest Vidal Blanc wine that won a Double Gold Medal at the 2016 NC Wine Competition

Our Yadkin Valley Vidal Blanc is from a single lot of older vines. This "sweet wine" was made from the same Vidal Blanc as the Golden Hallows and then blended with the "sweet reserve" juice to provide the residual sugar. It  has a residual sugar level of just over 6 imparting the perfect sweetness. Although we label it as a sweet wine, it is flexible enough to complement Pâtés and Foie Gras. This exceptional wine was made in limited quantities without undergoing a secondary fermentation to preserve the bright fruit and mineral qualities. This wine exhibits the care and passion taken in winemaking at JOLO Winery & Vineyards.


Double Gold Medal Winner - 2016 NC Wine Competition

Silver Medal Winner - 2016 Asheville Wine and Food Festival


2015 provided a very good growing season for this fruit.  Very little rainfall and warm sunny days slowly ripen the fruit and provided great balance lending itself to be made into a dry or sweet wine. So we did both. This wine is medium bodied and is layered with aromas of the stone fruit, honeysuckle, and hints of pear and apple. White peach, pear and minerals dance on the palate with a velvety long finished. While this wine is enjoyable now it will continue to evolve and develop over the years in the bottle. This wine pairs well with cakes, ice cream, chocolate, tarts, cookies as well as foie gras and pâtés.  This wine should be well chilled and will age gracefully over the next decade and beyond. Serve chilled & Enjoy!

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/ Happy Endings 2015
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2014 Muddy Paws

A Port Style Dessert Wine. Limited amount available! Only available for purchase by JOLO Wine Club Members. Club  JOLO Members can purchase up to 1 bottle and Cuvee and Premier Wine Club Members can purchase up to 6 bottles.

This is a classic Port Style “Fortified Wine”.  We stop the fermentation early by fortifying the Cynthiana “must” (all the crushed grapes, seeds, skins and juice) early to leave a natural sweetness in the wine, called residual sugar or “RS”. By fortifying the wine with the brandy it spikes the alcohol to 20% ABV which kills off the yeast, thus stopping fermentation. We let the must macerate for weeks before pressing directly into a French barrel where it spent over 30 glorious months.

There will be no more Muddy Paws until 2020 so keep a bottle or two in reserve!

VARIETAL: Cynthiana

HARVESTED: October 2014


HAND BOTTLED ON: June 15th 207

RELEASED ON: June 2017 for Wine Club Members Pre-Sale

Bottle size-  375 ml

Only 97 cases were bottled. 

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Available to JOLO Wine Club Members Only. Wine Club Members please log into your account to purchase.